What we do

Right Foot Forward WA provides opportunities for people to engage in quality adventure learning experiences. Fun and exciting, these adventurous camps range from 5-10 days.

We also offer hiking programs for adults, guided by qualified Social Worker Laura Engel and founder Jocelyn Evans.


Programs provide opportunities for young people to

  • Nurture and develop resilience

  • Build confidence to overcome adversity

  • Return to nature and have a break from social media and associated pressures

  • Connect with natural environments and have a break from demands of their usual environment

  • Spend time in a safe and supportive environment where they can explore healthy limits and boundaries

  • Nurture and develop a sense of mastery, self efficacy, adaptability and psychological flexibility

  • Nurture and develop a sense of responsibility and respect for self, others and the natural environment

  • Develop skills in communication, taking initiative, teamwork, leadership and decision making

  • Explore the way positive choices and attitudes affect their life

  • Nurture and develop physical and mental health attitudes, habits and wellbeing


Why Right Foot Forward WA

Young people we work with often face one or more of the following risk factors

  • Risk of disengagement from school/education

  • Reduced support networks

  • Reduced social skills

  • Reduced emotional intelligence

  • Increased risk taking behaviours

  • Increased risk of poor physical and mental health

  • Increased prevalence of dependence on social media and technology

  • General challenges of being an adolescent


Programs for Adults


 YOUTH Testimonial

From this experience I have gained independence and learnt how to respect myself 

"These camps get us away from our home life stresses, teaches us life skills, how to cope in challenging situations, make great memories, teaches you how to put up a tent, look after yourself and others, and that you are capable of a lot more than you think." 2018 Attendee


Funding Testimonial

It was fantastic to see where the Grant funding went

“I had a fantastic time on the camp and it more than exceeded my expectations.  I felt like it challenged me in ways I hadn’t fully appreciated or expected, but that I responded to those challenges pretty well and felt better for it.  I think the adult group gelled really well and definitely did present as a united, positive team.  I was proud to feel part of it! 

The program was full, but not rushed, well planned and executed. It was fantastic to see where the Grant funding went, and to see the genuine difference this made to these young people.
Westpac Foundation Ambassador who accompanied the group for the whole week.


Bereavement Hiking Group (pilot Program)

In 2019, Right Foot Forward WA is extending our work to further integrate Bush Adventure Therapy principles and launch a series of programs for specialist adult groups.

This will involve a collaboration with a qualified Social Worker who has worked primarily in clinical mental health settings.

Laura Engel joins us with a passion for adventure and experience-based pathways to healing. Although her experience and training has primarily involved group-work in clinical settings, it has been a call to the outdoors and trust in the powerful healing potential in nature, that has taken her outside of the traditional therapy room.