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A YOung person to Refer?

YOUTH aged 12-18

Do you have or work with a young person who could benefit from

  • A break from their phone, play station, social media

  • Space from their environment and/or social circumstances

  • Opportunities to develop resilience and perseverance

  • Being empowered to take responsibility for themselves and others

  • Exploring behaviours and attitudes that help them to learn from and manage challenging situations

  • Daily exercise and a healthy diet

Considering making a referral to our program?

It is important when referring an individual you understand the nature of the program and its limitations.  The adventure programs we offer, although driven by principles of Bush Adventure Therapy are not to be considered a therapeutic intervention. . 

Whilst young people are often a lot more capable than we think, it is important that we are honest with them about this program, there is a lot of fun involved, but the program is designed to be challenging. Most young people will be challenged at some point either physically, mentally, socially or emotionally.  

Due to the remote nature of the program and the level of challenge it presents, participants will be screened for suitability, to ensure we can meet the needs of all participants on the program.

Screening will start with the most appropriate person at your service completing a referral form. We accept referrals from teachers, case workers, social workers, counselors, psychologists, GP’s. 

Please complete the enquiry form below and we will send through a referral form. We take ongoing referrals, so the young person doesn’t need to be able to attend the dates shown, we can notify them each time we have a program running. 

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Objectives of programs

Programs promote self-esteem, independence, resilience, confidence, self-efficacy, leadership and decision-making skills.

To offer opportunities for challenges in a safe and supportive environment.

To provide opportunities for young people to explore choices (actions) and their consequences.

To cultivate positive physical and mental health attitudes and routines.

Programs foster a sense of responsibility for self, others and ones environment.

Being present and disconnecting from technology.

Space is created in the program for individual and team successes ensuring there is time to celebrate and recognise these as they happen.


How Objectives are Achieved

  • Young people will be taught skills including map reading and navigation, camp cooking, bush craft and minimal impact camping skills

  • Leadership opportunities in the form of self-leadership, small group leadership and whole group leadership

  • Small group cooking creates opportunities to develop life skills in communication, decision making and leadership

  • Positive, compassionate, empathetic and respectful adult role models, who believe the young people have potential

  • Daily exercise

  • Healthy diet

  • Time in the natural environment with minimal distractions

  • Living outdoors can help to improve sleeping patterns.

Current Costs and INclusions

What’s Included in the cost. 

Initial Consultation

The young person and their referrer will meet with the director and the program social worker.  (The program social worker will be on call for the duration of the program, should a participant need to speak with a social worker whilst on the program they will be contactable by phone.)

Five Day Bush Adventure Learning Program

Currently programs are based in the Margaret River region, activities will include hiking, caving and abseiling. The group will always have a minimum of two outdoor instructors with them, programs will be supported by an additional staff member located near by, who is on call 24 hours a day.

All camping and specialist equipment is provided as well as food, activity and camping fees.

Post program

The young person will receive a photo book and a discharge letter will be sent to referring person.

Cost of Program

A $220 non refundable enrolment fee is required once the referral has been accepted.

Following that a program fee of $1,080 per person is required - where possible we will seek funding to assist with this, please ask at the time of enrolling to see whether this is available.




“I think that the camps are worth having because, it teaches young people such as ourselves to disconnect from our electronic devices and social media, it also teaches us valuable life skills and to connect with other people.”



Risk Management

The safety of everyone on our programs is our first priority and we have extensive risk management practices in place in order to meet best practice industry standards.

  • We employ qualified and experienced staff who have extensive experience managing risk in outdoor environments.

  • All staff hold Working with Children Clearances.

  • Lead instructors are qualified in Wilderness First Aid, other staff will have a minimum of Provide First Aid.

  • Additional skills instructors are contracted for all technical activities.

  • We carry a mobile phone, satellite phone, Personal Locator Beacon (PLB) and First Aid Kit on all programs.

  • We have policies and procedures for safe running and management of programs which are in line with the Adventure Activity Standards.

  • We have comprehensive Risk Assessments and Emergency Procedures for all programs. We comply with Government Regulation.

Frequently Asked Questions

How fit do you need to be?

Programs are more physically demanding than the average day, but are manageable by most fitness levels.

What will I be sleeping on and in?

Accommodation is in 2 or 3 person tents. You will be issued a foam sleeping mat to sleep on. If you have your own sleeping bag you can bring that, otherwise we will lend you one.

What does the average day on a program look like?

6:30am – Wake up, pack up, breakfast

8:30am – Hike to activity, do the activity (abseiling, caving etc) breaking for morning tea as needed

12pm – Lunch

1pm - Hike to camp, stopping for afternoon tea on the way

4pm – Arrive at camp, set up tents, complete camp setup

5:30pm – Dinner

7:30pm – Nightly Group Session

9pm - Bed

I’m a parent how do I refer my child?

Please enquire and we can discuss your situation and who might be the best person in your child’s life to refer them.

What if I want to go on the program, but I can’t afford it?

Please contact us as we source funding and we may be able to assist you with part or all of the cost.

What if I’m unsure if the young person I have in mind would be willing to attend?

Often if we have the opportunity to talk or meet the young person you have in mind prior to the expedition we may be able to get them on board. We can answer any questions or fears they might have, and start to build rapport with them.

upcoming Individual Program  Dates and Details

Once the young persons referral has been accepted a medical consent form and details for the enrolment fee will be sent.

On receiving the enrolment fee, an initial consultation date and time will be organised. At this point suitable dates will be discussed.

(Please note, a minimum of 8 young people are required to run programs, if a program is cancelled due to low numbers we will allocate the young person to the next program that suits.)

Current Proposed Dates

January 13th– 17th 2020

April 13th - 17th 2020

October 5th - 9th 2020