Participant Comments

“I believe I’ve changed quite a lot since I was on camp and I believe in myself more and I’m more confident now. I learnt a lot of new skills on camp. On camp I learnt that I am capable of things if I try. It helped with mindfulness.”

13 year old

“I didn’t think I was going to be able to do it, but I had my friends there helping me out and cheering me on. Out here you have got no technology or anything, we have to cook for ourselves, be part of a team, work together, communicate and talk and socialise, but in the real world you don’t do that too often.”

14 year old

“Advice I would give to another young person who was about to come on camp would be, Have faith, be positive, have confidence, it will be the most challenging thing you do, but it will be fun.”

14 year old

“I learnt that if I put my mind to something I can do it.”

14 year old

“I feel relaxed out here, because this is a nice and peaceful spot”

13 year old

“I think that the camps are worth having because, it teaches young people such as ourselves to disconnect from our electronic devices and social media, it also teaches us valuable life skills and to connect with other people.”

19 year old

“During my time on camp in the 16-25 program in relation to myself I learnt that I should not let people walk all over me, and that even though I like to help, that other people should pull their weight. I learnt many things about myself on camp and this made me realise that I am able to be independent as long as other people do not want me to rely on them. I learnt that I am able to face my fears with the right support and assistance from the Youth Workers and that I should do more things by myself so I can learn myself.

From this experience I have gained independence, such as I learnt I am capable of doing a lot more than I realised, life skills, how to survive in the bush, how to respect myself and how to come to the right people for help.

Camps are definitely worth having simply because it gets us away from our home life stresses, teaches us life skills, how to cope in challenging situations, make great memories, teaches you how to put up a tent, look after yourself and others, and that you are capable of a lot more than you think.

The workers are very respectful, you can open up to them about anything and you do not feel judged and they are always willing to help in any way possible, and always give you their time”

23 year old

“Camp was great because I could just chillax and not worry about studying so it takes a lot of stress off you. Camp was great at Margaret River because I had a new experience going into caves and I like that and I would do it again because it is interesting.

I learnt that I can conquer my fear of heights and also trusting people you don’t know. I learnt to try new things.

At camp I learnt that I can learn things easy and have enough energy and power to continue for hours helping people.

Camps are worth having because they take you in to a different mindset, like chilled and have fun and you don’t think about all the stress that you have, it keeps your mind off all that. You learn different skills that you don’t have or don’t show normally and exploring new places. It is good sometimes just to have a break from everything.”

19 year old

When asked what they gained some things young people said were:

  • More confident

  • I will try new things more

  • I’m brave

  • Not as shy as I thought

  • Leadership skills

  • Knowing I can always help someone in need

  • Perseverance

  • Conquer your fears

  • Trust other people

  • Trust myself

  • Independence


Comments from Accompanying Adults

“Jocelyn provided excellent support to the staff attending the camp and we definitely required this as it was as much a learning experience for staff as it was for the young people. Jocelyn was open, friendly, approachable and above all incredibly knowledgeable. She was also extremely inclusive, and I felt that she was continuously processing thoughts, feedback and discussions from the staff debriefs to ensure that there was continuous improvement, appropriate challenges and opportunity for success along the way for all involved.

I thought this camp was an incredible experience for both staff and young people. I believe the concept of experiential learning and challenge by choice is perfect for the target client group and the impact this camp has had not only on myself but on the young people will stay with me for a lifetime.”

Youth Worker

“I had a fantastic time on the camp and it more than exceeded my expectations.  I felt like it challenged me in ways I hadn’t fully appreciated or expected, but that I responded to those challenges pretty well and felt better for it.  I think the adult group gelled really well and definitely did present as a united, positive team.  I was proud to feel part of it!

It was good that we learned the details of some of the activities at the same time as the young people.

The program was full, but not rushed, well planned and executed.

It was fantastic to see where the Grant funding went, and to see the genuine difference this made to these young people.”

Westpac Foundation Ambassador who accompanied the group for the whole week

“I felt that the level of information I received was the perfect amount. In my normal role as a youth worker I am used to having all of the knowledge and awareness of everything that is happening at all times. Initially, this was a difficult environment to adjust to as I no longer had all of this information or control. However, on reflection of the process, the information I had was enough for me to guide and assist the participants in their tasks without doing it for them or giving them the answer. Having a lack of knowledge in certain areas was actually beneficial as it enabled me to support the participants to come to their own conclusions and allowed me to reflect on my own practice that often we may assist our young people too much, we forget that they are capable young adults who merely need guided to the answer and not just given it.”

Youth Worker

“I thought the food was excellent! The cooking component of the camp was a learning experience in itself which was wonderful - young people asking for copies of the recipes so they could make them again at home definitely highlights this! Staff and young people were never hungry!”

Youth Worker